Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

It's been about three years since The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction rumbled onto the videogame scene and showed the world what a superhero videogame is supposed to be -- namely, true to its source material.With a summer blockbuster of the same name looming in the distance, The Incredible Hulk and SEGA are out to continue the green one's legacy.We already knew that the game would be shipping this June, but for the first time, we have screens and solid info on what to expect when Bruce Banner lands on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2, PC as well as the DS and creates an impact crater on our soul.

The first thing to expect: destruction. SEGA claims that players in the Edge of Reality-developed console version will tear down buildings with their bare hands, use these blown-out structures as access points to previously unreachable areas, and even pick up the chucks of concrete or passing cars to use as weapons. All of this chaos will feed the Hulk's rage, which he'll use to learn powerful new moves, cause more damage and upgrade his existing abilities.A third-person action game, The Incredible Hulk will feature key moments from the film as well as plotlines and characters pulled from the comics. As you take Hulk through the open-world representation of New York City, you'll be able interact with the city's towering skyscrapers as Bruce battles foes such as Bi-Beast and the Abomination but you'll also be able to explore and find sub-quests and minigames.

The DS version, which is being developed by Amaze, is going to have its own take on Banner's tale. A brief synopsis from SEGA had Bruce scouring the planet for a cure; being drawn back to the love of his life, Betty Ross; and dodging the bad guys who are hoping to misuse his power. Plus, when the Hulk gets back to the states, the Abomination is hot on his tail. The side-scrolling action also focuses on destruction and will feature 30 levels that span Alaska, Central America and the continental United States.




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