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Devastation features standard first-person shooter gameplay, comparable to that of Unreal 2, as the game is based on Unreal 2's game engine. Notably, the game can be played in either "arcade" or "tactical" mode. Arcade mode features fast-paced action similar to that of many first person shooters, while tactical mode features slower gameplay more akin to tactical shooters such as Counter-Strike.
The single-player game focuses heavily on team-based gameplay. The player can have a squad of up to several NPCs following them at any given time. Each NPC can be issued one of 4 orders: attack, defend, follow, or stop. NPCs ordered to attack can independently make their way from the beginning to the end of the level without any guidance from the player, although they will stop moving and wait for the player to catch up if they get too far ahead of the player. In the game's initial levels, the game ends if any NPC squadmate is killed, but squadmate health regenerates fairly quickly to prevent this aspect of gameplay from being too frustrating.
The first 1/3rd of the game features linear levels, with the player's goal being to make it from the start of the level to the end. About 1/3rd of the way into the game, the player acquires a cloning machine that allows them and their squad members to respawn from death an infinite number of times. At this point, the only way to "lose" the game is to allow the enemy to capture and destroy the player's cloning machine. All levels from this point on are based on a capture the flag style of gameplay, with the rebel and Grathius teams starting on opposite sides of a non-linear level, each one tasked with capturing the other's cloning device.

If nothing else, Devastation is ambitious. Digitalo Studios' futuristic first-person shooter features more than 35 weapons, arcade-style and tactical modes of play, computer-controlled teammates, a detailed physics model, and single-player missions that incorporate "botmatch"-style base attack and defense objectives (that is, both you and your opponents are aided by computer-controlled "bot" characters). Unfortunately, Devastation tries to be a jack-of-all-trades, but is master of none, and it's lacking in a few key areas.high-action, teamplay-oriented first-person shooter powered by heavily modified, next-generation Unreal Engine tech. Set on post-apocalyptic Earth, Devastation pits teams of rebelling street fighters, gang eaders, mercenaries, and ex-military operatives against overwhelming armies of high-tech corporate troopers. Survival, and ultimate dominance, are all that matter in this devastated world.Hollywood-style explosions and in-your-face special effects showcase awesome particle physics including explosive headshots, flowing water and blood, amazing weapons effects and realistic fire created by the amazing "OFX" VisualFX system with full harware T&L support. Incredible next-generation AI that gives enemies and NPCs micro-behaviors and heightened awareness, while teammates provide intelligent cooperation and assistance - they almost seem too real. Completely interactive environment with real world physics; everything can be used, destroyed or manipulated. Set traps with the garbage in the streets, or use a broken bottle to slash your way to victory. More than 30 unique weapons, including machine guns, swords, handguns, sniper weapons and incredible Rat Drones that allow you to "become the weapon".
Objective-based single player campaign, incorporating special skills like stealth, surveillance, hacking into security systems, sniping, and brute force. 32 massive photorealistic levels based off real-world textures, including 20 single player and 12 multiplayer maps, set in four stunning environments in the US and Asia. All the favorite multiplayer standards, including traditional head to head and competitive games, with both Arcade and Simulation settings - something for everyone, including an exciting new style of multiplayer gaming. Superior sound, from the ability to use noise to distract enemies or alert team mates, to the cutting edge soundtrack by Messy, the techno rebirth of members of Love & Rockets.Like so many other action games, Devastation places you in the role of a rebel who must fight against an oppressive corporation that now controls most of the world. Devastation uses a bunch of clichéd events and settings to pound this familiar theme into a mush that is indistinguishable from plenty of other generic shooters. There's the subway level, the sewer level, the warehouse level, the part where you have to single-handedly fight an attack chopper, and the level where you get conked on the head, stripped of your weapons, and tossed in jail (though as it turns out, Devastation takes away your weapons and tosses you in jail not once, but twice).Though freedom was obviously the first victim of Devastation's totalitarian corporate state, garbage collection appears to have been a close second. The game's Unreal-engine powered environments are filled with trash. It's never explicitly stated just what, exactly, the evil corporation is selling, but from the general makeup of the debris, it's probably soft drinks, Chinese food, or oil barrels. A lot of this busted-up bric-a-brac actually exists as independent objects in the world, all affected by an at least theoretically realistic physics model. For instance, you can shoot a milk crate in its upper left corner, and it'll tumble over its rear left axis.The physics system is a neat idea, but, as implemented, it suffers from two major problems. The first is that the rules governing the physics are spotty at best. Often objects will simply get stuck--on walls, on ceilings, or even in midair. If you pick something up and toss it down at your feet, it'll either disappear completely or become half-buried in the ground. The imprecision of the bounding box around your character causes you to constantly knock things over, as if you were navigating the world while wearing a bulky and invisible costume. In fact, the physics will often make you feel that you're not playing an action-packed shooter, but rather a simulation of being the world's clumsiest action hero.

Install Notes:

  1. 1. Unrar
  2. 2. Mount or burn
  3. 3. install
  4. 4. Copy crack
  5. 5. When asked for CD-KEY, enter: 5B36F-976AA-6A471-58B8D-92B7B


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