Thursday, June 12, 2008

Delta Force Land Warriors

Delta Force: Land Warrior is a tactical first-person shooter (FPS) video game. It is the third game in the Delta Force series produced by Novalogic, and is the sequel to Delta Force 2 (DF2). DFLW was sold as stand-alone game and also as part of the "Delta Force Trilogy," a 3-disc set which included Delta Force 1 (DF1) and DF2.
Delta Force: Land Warrior is infrequently referred to as Delta Force 3 or DF3. DFLW, LW, or "Land Warrior" are commonly used by players to denote the game. DFLW was a major departure from previous versions in the Delta Force series by including realistic weapon recoil and 5 different player-selectable characters. Each DFLW character has unique combinations of strengths and weaknesses.
Some of these unique character traits are running speed, reloading time, and weapon accuracy. Players can also select various combinations of characters and weapons, a unique freedom newer FPS games do not offer. For example, a player can select the medic character and use a sniper rifle or a machine gun. The sniper can use a grenade launcher. The grenadier can use an underwater assault rifle (UAR). There are no character or weapon restrictions in DFLW, any selectable character can use any selectable weapon.
DFLW gives players the option of single-player games or multiplayer games online. Single-player games utilize enemy soldiers commonly referred to as "bots" to provide competition and are controlled by the game's artificial intelligence or AI. Some bots are friendly and are part of a player's team but are considerably less in number and have generally poor fighting ability.
The multiplayer game option allows players to compete against human opponents. This option requires players to have an internet connection which is necessary to connect to DFLW game servers. DFLW was originally designed to be played online utilizing dialup internet connections. DFLW game servers can be hosted by individual players, or players can log onto official Novalogic servers which require a Novalogic account. Novalogic game servers and player accounts are free.
Additionally, Novalogic game servers keep a wide range of player statistical information in a database which all players can access and see. Novalogic game servers are often referred to as "stat" servers. In the early 2000s during DFLW's height of popularity, Novalogic offered up to 50 slot player servers. Novalogic continues to host player servers even throughout September of 2007, albethey considerably fewer than before, with the quantity falling below 10 stat servers available for players to choose.

Primary Weapons
XM29 OICW (Lacks real air-burst grenade launcher, instead fires like an M203 or comparable launcher with semi-automatic firing)
UAR (Similar to the APS Underwater Assault Rifle)
Pancor Jackhammer
PSG-1 (Suppressed, uses subsonic ammunition)
M249 SAW
Steyr AUG/M203
Secondary Weapons
Calico M960
Timed Delay (4-7 second delay before exploding)
Impact (explodes on impact)
Auxiliary Loadout Options
Kevlar vest body armor
Extra ammunition (double load of primary weapon ammo)
LAR-V (underwater breathing apparatus



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