Sunday, June 15, 2008

Max Payne 1

Game Play:
The prime emphasis of the series is on shooting. Almost all of the gameplay involves utilizing bullet-time to gun down foe after foe. Levels are generally straightforward, with almost no key-hunting. However, some levels do incorporate platforming elements and puzzle solving. Ammo is in virtually constant supply, as all enemies drop some ammo when killed.
The game's A.I. is heavily dependent on pre-scripted commands. Most of the apparently intelligent behavior exhibited by enemies, such as taking cover behind obstacles, retreating from the player, or throwing grenades, is pre-scripted. Thus, when replaying a level, enemies perform exactly the same behaviors each time. The only enemies who would dodge and roll are the Mercenaries (operatives in black ski-masks), Aesir Security Guards, and Killer Suits (men in sunglasses and business suits).
Higher difficulty levels are extremely challenging; the "Dead on Arrival" level limits the player to 4 saves per chapter, and the "New York Minute" level forces the player to complete each chapter before the allotted time — replenished by killing enemies — is exhausted. Upon completing the game on "Dead on Arrival", Max is transported to the "Final Battle", where the player then fights in perpetual bullet-time against 20 Killer Suits — each armed with the Pancor Jackhammer automatic shotgun. Upon completion of this task, the player can view a secret room with various photographs of New York locations used by the developer, Remedy, as well as a picture of the development team.
On the highest difficulty setting, Max is (from a game perspective) extremely fragile and dies after suffering only 5 pistol bullets, 3 assault rifle bullets, or 1 accurate shotgun blast. Most enemies have more endurance than the player character, with later enemies being able to survive 2 or 3 times as much damage as Max. The player can heal Max by consuming "painkillers", which the player collects and carries, until he/she decides to use them.

  • System Requirements

  • Minimum Requirements:

  • 450MHz AMD / Intel Processor

  • 96 MB RAM

  • 16MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card

  • Recommended System:

  • 700 MHz AMD / Intel Processor

  • 128 MB RAM

  • 32 MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card
    Generic requirements:

  • DirectX 8.0DirectSound compatible sound card
    Full install: 830 MB

  • Minimum install: 530 MB

  • Minimum install will load the levels from the game CD. Full installation is recommended for optimal performance.

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