Thursday, June 19, 2008

Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption

In the best-selling Star Wars: Empire at War, you controlled an entire war for the Star Wars galaxy as the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire. Now, face off against them in Star Wars® Empire at War™: Forces of Corruption™ This expansion pack presents a new, unique point of view of the Galactic Civil War as, for the first time ever, you play as an aspiring Underworld figure. Corruption runs through your veins and drives your desire to become the most notorious criminal leader since Jabba the Hutt.
The Rebels have just destroyed the Death Star, and the galaxy is in turmoil. In other words, it’s just the time that you, an ambitious criminal genius named Tyber Zann, have been waiting for. Quench your thirst for power as you build and lead your own forces of scum and villainy. Spread corruption throughout the galaxy using new strategic gameplay elements to influence other factions, steal their funds, slow their production, spy on them and more.
Exciting new land-tactical options like customizable, upgradeable bases and guerilla warfare allow for innovative battlefield tactics. Take command of and confront new fighting units for all factions (Rebel B-wings, Imperial TIE interceptors, Super Star Destroyers and more). Take down anyone who stands in your way of ruling the Underworld, be they new battlefield heroes like Luke Skywalker and Yoda, or even your most bitter rival – Jabba the Hutt.
The ultimate prize awaits: an immense Super Star Destroyer known as the Eclipse. Spanning the length of nearly 11 of the Star Destroyers seen in the original Empire at War, this deadliest capital ship in the galaxy comes equipped with a superlaser rivaling that of the Death Star. With it under your control, no one will remember the name Jabba the Hutt – Tyber Zann will be the most feared crime lord the Underworld has ever seen…
New strategic gameplay elements
New land-tactical options, customizable, upgradeable bases and guerilla warfare
Control the deadliest ship in the Galaxy, the Eclipse
Note: Star Wars Empire at War needed to play Forces of Corruption Expansion
INSTALL NOTES:1. Unrar.2. Burn or mount with Daemon tools.3. USE CD Key.3. Install the game and apply the CD Key.4. Finish install and click quit instead of play!5.. Follow the CRACK INSTRUCTIONS.
CRACK INSTRUCTIONS:1. Go to my computer and on the Drive that the ISO is mounted on and search for “crack”2. Copy and Paste swfoc.exe and PerceptionFunctionG.dll to C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\Game Data and then Replace.3. Copy and Paste EAWXLaunch to C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts and Double-Click it to Run the Game.
Minimum system requirements:- CPU: 1 GHz Pentium III or Athlon equivalent- RAM: 256 MB- Hard drive: 1.5 GB Free disk space (plus additional 500 MB after install)- Video card: 32 MB video card with Hardware T&L capability (GeForce3+ / ATI Radeon 8500+)
Recommended system requirements:- CPU: 2 GHz Pentium 4 or Athlon XP or higher- RAM: 512 MB- Hard drive: 1.5 GB Free disk space (plus additional 500 MB after install)- Video card: 64 MB 3D Graphics card with Hardware Vertex and Pixel Shader (VS/PS) Capability (GeForce4+ / ATI Radeon 9000+)


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